[Wine] Wine FileMaker 6.0 Calculated Date Fields

gldvxx gldvxx at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 15:16:23 CST 2007

I am running FileMaker 6.0 via Wine on Ubuntu 6.10.  I have a file/
table/whatever it is called Case.fp5 and another table called
Actions.fp5.  Case is a one to many relationship to Actions, related
via the CaseID.  Date Closed is calculated in Case:  If
Last(Actions::Action Type) = "Close" then Date Closed =
Last(Actions::Date Created) (something like that since I can't
actually see the Define Field text!  another issue i'm having..).

When I search the Actions table by populating "Date Closed" in my Find
view with a date range (ex, 1/1/2007...1/31/2007) i return no
records.  When I just use one value (ex, 1/1/2007) i return no
records.  When I view my list of actions, the "Date Closed" is
correctly calcuated, and record DO exist that meet this criteria.
When I search on the native "Date Created" field (auto entered based
on when the record is created) it works fine.  When I search on a
related field that is Text, it works fine.  When I search on a related
calculated field that is text, it works fine.

This Find Request works on my Mac OS X machine.

Is there something special I need to do in order to search on
calculated dates?


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