[Wine] Re: Usb connection with HP S20 photo scanner

John Voltz ninevoltz at metalink.net
Fri Mar 9 19:29:09 CST 2007

mk67 wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm try to use the firmware software of the Photosmart S20 scanner.
> The software by it self work fine , but it can't make the connection
> to the scanner.
> Is there a way with wine.conf or other to give to the software the
> right way to find the scanner?
> If you can help, please do, it make my day brighter!
Does your scanner work with SANE? I think if it works with SANE it 
should work in Wine too.

I just found this on Google:

#   I want to buy a PhotoSmart S20. Is it supported ?
It is not supported by the hp-backend. It seems that it does not use SCL 
(HP's Scanner Control Language) which is required for use with the 

Looks like you might be out of luck.

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