[Wine] Re: Does wine work on Solaris SPARC platform?

lin.pifeng at gmail.com lin.pifeng at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 10:28:20 CDT 2007

Thank you for the reply. We do not have the source code of this DLL.

Does it mean "it is not possible to port my application to solaris


On Mar 12, 8:20 am, Daniel Skorka <sko... at gmx.net> wrote:
> lin.pif... at gmail.com wrote:
> > Does wine work on solaris sparc platform? Our application needs a
> > windows DLL (for x86, some third party codecs function).  I am trying
> > to use this DLL and run it on SPARC platform.  Is it possible?
> No. Wine does not include an emulator. If you had the source for this
> DLL, you could compile it for SPARC with winelib.
> Daniel
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