[Wine] Re: Problems with Steam (counter-strike)

Jc the.jc.effect at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 00:47:13 CDT 2007

Hi again

> What's wineboot? First time I hear about it.

Wineboot is a program that simulates a windows startup. In my case, the
most observable thing is that STEAM has put keys in the registry so
that it loads with my PC. Wineboot triggers those registry keys. It is
also used so that installers can "reboot" your computer, it doesn't
really.. just fakes it for the benefit of your programs.

> cs source? So you have a pretty powerful PC, don't you?

My main desktop can play CSS, and that is about 2 years old. It has an
Athlon 2500, 1gig ram and an ATI Radeon 8500 with 128mb Ram. My laptop
(which is my linux baby and the only computer i normally use) packs a
much stronger GeForce card and 2gig ram. I am using the proprietary
drivers at the moment. I'm kind of new to this so i am still forming an
opinion on how evil those drivers are! :]

> I just added winehq repository to synaptic and downloaded 0.9.20 from
> there (after having fully removed previous version of wine) and ran
> SteamInstall.exe. Once the install is finished, Steam is unable to
> update itself (the updating... windows appears, but stays so, without
> any counter). When I quit it with Ctrl-C and then launch steam.exe, it
> updates itself correctly and I get usual Steam login window, but without
> any text on it. Just the green thingy.

The lack of text is probably the easiest problem to fix. You need to
get fonts! Yes, by default wine has no fonts to use! I just downloaded
a Tahoma.ttf and placed it in drive_c\windows\fonts. Use this search to
find a font!


I suspect you might also have problems when you start up the game for
the first time. I right clicked on the game in STEAM and chose launch
properties and used the settings i found online to set up the game for
my pc (resolution, windowed, direct x level).

Hope this helps.

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