[Wine] Re: Can't Install MSWORD

David Dawson beagleseven7777 at yahoo.ca
Mon Mar 19 00:50:12 CDT 2007

Daniel Skorka wrote:

> David Dawson <beagleseven7777 at yahoo.ca> wrote:
>> I could not get Wine to install Microsoft Word 2000
>> OS: Debian Testing
>> Wine version 0.9.24
>> The Word .exe file never showed up in the Office subdirectory
>> I captured the errors; it appeared that Wine crashed at some point.
>> The question is: can Office 2000 or parts of it be installed under this
>> wine version, and if not, which version will install it? I have lost
>> track.
> Given the output below, you *might* have more luck with installing
> native DCOM98 (wiki.winehq.org has instructions on how to do that).
> Daniel

Thanks, Daniel
However I don't want to mess up anything that the built in dlls support
better. I only wanted to verify the way Word counts words. If that changes,
then maybe I'll need to do this.
(for those who are wondering, I wrote a shell script as follows:
c=0;for i in `cat "$1"`;do if [[ $i != '-' ]];then (( c = c + 1 ));fi;done)

That emulates the way Word counts words; you need a text only file, of
This I verified by sending the file I needed a word count to a friend who
has Word installed under Windows.
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-- Dave Dawson

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