[Wine] Re: RUTHLESSLY KILL PSYCHOPATHS BUSH, RUMSFELD, CHENEY, Robert Mueller, Keith Alexander, Mathew Hayden and John Negroponte

filthy-mcnasty filthy-mcnasty at here.now
Mon Mar 19 00:50:46 CDT 2007

Using at least one appendage, the entity known in this space-time continuum 
as "AmerGovtPsychopathsExposer" <AmerGovtPsychopathsExposer at WhiteHouse.Gov> 
revealed in news:4559404f$0$21092$88260bb3 at free.teranews.com:


In future please use the "Paranoid Android" font for these messages from 
the woodlice in your skirting-board

Will Cornish of Cardigan, UK
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