[Wine] Re: memory issue

rfid_expert jvasseur at free.fr
Mon Mar 19 00:51:16 CDT 2007

Hi Daniel,

You are right. The application that takes the memory is wine-preloader.
I check the exact name and parameters of this application :
wine-preloader /usr/bin/wine-pthread c:\RIDE\BIN\ride.exe

What is a little bit amazing is that RIDE doe not take this amount of
memory under windows.
the memory is freed between each compilation.

Daniel Skorka a écrit :

> rfid_expert <jvasseur at free.fr> wrote:
> > I use an application named ride (from raisonance: C compiler) under
> > linux (RHE3) through wine.
> > I compile a lot of separated applications. the app wine_loader takes
> > more and more memory. the application stops once the memory size taken
> > by wine_loader is more than 100MB.
> Does wine_loader consume this memory during compiling, or when you are
> starting the compiled application? Also, currently wine doesn't contain
> anything that is called wine_loader. What wine version are you using,
> and where did you get it from?
> Daniel
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