[Wine] Re: Quicken 2005 Won't Connect to Internet

Daniel Skorka skorka at gmx.net
Mon Mar 19 00:52:49 CDT 2007

Pete Ricksecker <rick2210 at earthlink.net> wrote:
>> trace:wininet:SetUrlComponentValueW (null) (0)
>> trace:wininet:SetUrlComponentValueW L"intuit.com" (10)
>> trace:wininet:InternetCrackUrlW L"http://intuit.com": scheme(L"http") host(L"intuit.com") path(L"") extra((null))
>> trace:wininet:InternetGetCookieW no cookies found for L"intuit.com"
>> trace:wininet:InternetGetCookieA ("http://intuit.com","QWPLC",0x34f168)
>> trace:wininet:InternetGetCookieW (L"http://intuit.com", L"QWPLC", (nil), 0x34f138)
>> trace:wininet:InternetCrackUrlW (L"http://intuit.com" 17 0 0x34d060)
>> trace:wininet:SetUrlComponentValueW (null) (0)
>> trace:wininet:GetInternetSchemeW L"http" 4
>> trace:wininet:SetUrlComponentValueW L"http" (4)
>> trace:wininet:SetUrlComponentValueW (null) (0)

>From this point on, it looks like just repetitions of the above lines.
While I'm not sure what's happening, my guess is that you need to use a
proxy for http traffic and neglected to configure it in your app.
Alternatively, if it doesn't provide a way to do so, you might need to
use the registry keys described here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/819961
No need for creating and importing a file, just edit the registry

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