[Wine] Screen not changing from 640x480 to 800x600 - "Shogun - Total War"

Richard Corden richard_corden at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 19 00:55:00 CDT 2007

Wine 9.30
Slackware 11
ATI FireGL 5200 (Propriatory drivers)

I found Shogun in a shop as a 'Classic' game and I've been trying to get 
it to work using Wine.

Shogun uses Safedisc and so does not work in it's, ahem, original form. 
  However it can, shall we say, be persuaded to get over it's 
difficulties and at least run.

This is where I am now.  I have the game running and I have navigated 
through the menu options etc.  I was also able to get to the strategy 
area of the game using an old saved game.

Unfortunately, it is still not possible to play the game due to a 
strange problem with the resolution.  During startup, the splash screens 
etc. are displayed in 640x480.  Just before it switches to the game 
menu, the screen appears to switch to 800x600 and then immediately back 
to 640x480.  I've also tested with a Wine desktop set to 800x600 with 
the same result; after the splash screen the desktop jumps to 800x600 
briefly and then back to 640x480,

I've tested using different X screen modes, using the VESA driver, and 
all the combinations of registry settings I could (such as UseXRandR), 
all without success.

Finally, I even tried hacking the code, and set 'mode' so that the 
display screen was always 800x600 no matter what was called 
(winex11.drv/settings.c), however, this just resulted in my display (and 
the Wine desktop) remaining at 800x600 and an inner 640x480 with the 
same problem.

To clarify exactly what I can see.  The static images on the screen 
appear offset down and to the right, ie. centred for an 800x600 display. 
  IMHO, the 800 pixel rows are being written out starting at column 0, 
but as there are only 640 columns available the last few pixels are then 
written into the next column down.  Something like this:


This is what makes the game unplayable, as buttons etc are hidden by 
these extra pixels.

Can someone suggest the trace options that might help me track down the 

Is there anything else that people normally do to track this type of 
problem down?

Is there a chance that a specific source file (or set of source files) 
would be at fault - I could potentially debug them?

"Fingers crossed": Has someone already come up with a solution to the 

Kind Regards,


Richard Corden

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