[Wine] How to enlarge fonts in Wine?

Ravenik user72cut-it-out at go2.pl
Mon Mar 19 00:55:12 CDT 2007

When I run an application in Wine fonts are too small. The same application on real Windows have fonts ok. However there were "120DPI" big fonts in real Windows. Screen resolution is the same 1024x768.

Please give me details how to make fonts bigger in Wine. I am a beginner in wine.
Wine 0.9.31 compiled from source. Suse 10.2 64.

For older versions of Wine I have found a trick on Internet : to enter into config file:
In section [fonts]: "Resolution" = "96"
However I can't try out setting it to "120", because there is apparently other way of cofiguration in wine 0.9.31.
In addition I had no fonts after installing wine; I "cabextracted" them from packages here:
and copied into ~/.wine/Windows/fonts.

Thanks for any help!

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