[Wine] Lotus Notes and Daylight Saving Time

Declan Moriarty junk_mail at iol.ie
Thu Mar 22 04:31:10 CDT 2007

On Wed, 2007-03-21 at 21:01 +0100, Goesta Smekal wrote:
> Hi Folks,
>    how do you handle the change from standard time to daylight saving time?

>    From a Windows point of view this is perfectly normal, because 
> Windows changes the hwclock to the new version of localtime on every DST 
> event. It doesn't change the timezone it lives in because there is no 
> need to.
>    Linux on the other hand takes care about DST in software. (compare 
> http://tldp.org/HOWTO/TimePrecision-HOWTO/index.html )
>    And so LotusNotes gets confused. You can even create the time shift 
> effect, if you change the timezone using tzconfig on the fly.
>    This is very annoying and I cannot imagine there is no viable 
> solution out there ...

Have you considered running one of the time clients on your linux, and
syncing off a time server that suits your need as a more final solution.
When my box was regularly dual booted, this hour difference came in
regularly, and I would simply run a hwclock command (hwclock -hctosys)
to sync linux, as windows kept the hwclock pretty straight, but linux
was always adding or subtracting an hour. 

One can disable daylight saving in windows, and there is a registry

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