[Wine] Re: installing in wine

Jonathan Ernst jonathan at ernstfamily.ch
Thu May 3 13:34:01 CDT 2007

Le mardi 01 mai 2007 à 12:13 +0100, somethin2cool at yahoo.com a écrit :
> when i used to use wine, to install you used terminal. now there is a 
> gui (nice!) but i can't figure out what it is for at all. I'm not at my 
> pc right now, but it had a lot of strange options.
> I want to install an ap (evernote). I only want wine for this one thing.
> wine install ./evernote-installer.exe

type :



man wine

and you'll know how to run programs (installers are just normal
programs) using wine.

> what is the correct syntax for this?
> There was some box to 'add' applications, so I added the instaler. 

This is used to override builtin dlls or programs, see man wine and
search for WINEDLLOVERRIDE to understand the purpose of this dialog box.


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