[Wine] Unsupported CPU Error

Filadelfo Fiamma philosganga at yahoo.it
Mon May 7 02:52:47 CDT 2007

I've a problem; I've tryed to install wine 0.9.7 on a
Mac Computer on Mac OS X System.

I've downloaded source files from source-forge.net
I have made configuration,and make dependecies and
finally I did "make" !...but...at least appears a
terrible message:

#error unsupported cpu (minidump.c 172.2)....

I've tryed this on two different computers: a IBM
PowerPC G5 double processor (64 bit) , PowerBook G4
1.67 ghz...but it appeared the same error!

I try to found something on web...but....i've

Please Help Me....it' s important for me because I
don't want in anyway install Virtual PC!!

Thanks for patience...excuse my bad english...

Ciao ciao


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