[Wine] Low FPS in app that requires DirectX6.1

Poddubchak Sergey serhii.piddubchak at etadirect.com
Mon May 7 04:17:40 CDT 2007

Poddubchak Sergey wrote:
> Fabrice DELENTE wrote:
>> Just today I've had slight problems with System shock 2 because of 
>> sound; maybe disabling the sound in winecfg could help?    There are 
>> other parameters you can try in winecfg, like shaders. Don't know if 
>> it will help. 
> Disabling sound didn't help. Disabling shaders didn't help too, and it 
> wouldn't help because DX6.1 don't have support pixel shaders or vertex 
> shaders..
> BTW, i've tryyed these commands you wrote, theirs output was telling 
> that dlls were registered successfully, but messages like
> fixme:devenum:DEVENUM_ICreateDevEnum_CreateClassEnumerator Category 
> {cc7bfb41-f175-11d1-a392-00e0291f3959} not found
> fixme:quartz:AsyncReader_QueryInterface No interface for 
> {56a868b3-0ad4-11ce-b03a-0020af0ba770}!
> haven't disappeared.
> I'll try to install new Wine 0.9.36 on Saturday, maybe implementation of 
> D3DRM will be helpful..
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Bad news. Have new wine-0.9.36 installed and wine crashes when game should go 
into 3D-view.

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