[Wine] Heavy Weather / Serial Port issues

Dan Armbrust daniel.armbrust.list at gmail.com
Thu May 10 09:05:56 CDT 2007

> Just taking a quick look, there seemed to be a memory leak in the
> picture last time,

Yes - previously, it would crash after a day or two.  So there was a
slow memory leak.
I can live with that....

>and frankly your summary would have been a lot more
> useful than 50 emails to look at.

My summary didn't say that you had to look at the link - I just
provided it as a reference.  Near the end of the e-mail exchange,
there was some talk about the potential real issue - if I recall -
possibly that it was allocating a new thread for every message going
to the serial port.  I don't have any idea if that is the real issue,
but thought it may have been useful, especially if there is a
different developer handling serial port issues today than there was
last time this was brought up.

> There's all sort of process viewers,

Yes - hence the fact that I know heavy weather / wine is using 100% of
the CPU.  Or as much of it as it can get, anyway.

> and nice, which allows you to
> regulate cpu time for the various processes.  info nice.

Yes, I know all about nice.  That will allow me to keep using the rest
of the machine while trying to read data in the weather app, but
really does nothing to fix the problem.  Its pretty much unusable even
when it is allowed to have all of the CPU at a high priority.

> But I imagine you have a memory leak again -
yes,  I imagine that is still there.  But its not the current problem.
 When it crashes within 3 to 4 minutes, it really hasn't used that
much memory - not enough to start running the system out of memory,

The real issue is why is it taking it so long to send and receive data
from the serial port?  It seems to be at least 1 or 2 orders of
magnitude slower than it was in wine 0.9.12.  I don't know what exact
version the slow down occurred in.

I suspect that the crashing I am seeing now is being caused by the
tremendous amount of requested serial port operations that the app has
queued up, since it is performing them _so_ slowly.    I'll try to get
some debug info tonight on what happens when it actually crashes.

Are there any flags or tweaking that can easily be done that change
the way that wine deals with serial port communications?



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