[Wine] Re: Porting a Win32 application using Winelib...

Rod rodzilla at free.fr
Sun May 13 02:06:58 CDT 2007


Dan Kegel wrote:
> On 5/12/07, Rod <rodzilla at free.fr> wrote:
>> Here's a very small example that consists of:
>> - a wine dll
>> - a wine exe that uses that dll
>> - a linux exe that tries to use the DLL and crashes
> Oh, I didn't realize you were trying to do that.
> It's not currently supported.
> You simply can't use wine dlls from linux exes.
> You can use linux dlls from wine exes, though.

Actually, it's not that important ; I don't care if
the application is a wine or a linux exe (but are
Solaris winelib apps started by wine as well ?).

What is really important is that I must be able to
invoke wine dll functions from linux dlls (which I
just checked ; seems to work).

Best regards,

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