[Wine] EAC (exactaudiocopy) in openSUSE 10.2

Istvan Gabor suseuser04 at freemail.hu
Mon May 14 09:19:16 CDT 2007

Hello wine users:

Could someone, please, help me how to make work EAC with 
wine in openSUSE 10.2?
Earlier (SUSE 10.1) I could configure wine to use windows 
2000 as default windows version and EAC to use 'native Win32 
interface for WinNT/2000/XP' and these worked together fine.
Now in openSUSE 10.2 (wine version wine-0.9.37-12.1) when I 
start EAC with wine I get:
a) when the interface is set to the default 'installed external 
ASPI interface' wine starts but does not recognize any of the 
CD drives.
b) If I set the interface to 'native Win32 interface for WinNT/
2000/XP' and restart EAC, EAC freezes during start I have to 
kill it.

These are the only messages it gives in a console window:

~> wine .wine/drive_c/EAC/EAC.exe
preloader: Warning: failed to reserve range 00000000-
fixme:wave:ALSA_AddCaptureDevice Add support for 

Any idea?

Páratlan akciók most! AEG-Electrolux-Zanussi gépek országos 

házhozszállítással a Márkaboltból!



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