[Wine] COM port not accessible

Marco Aurélio Carvalho maurelioc at astrotec.com.br
Tue May 15 20:28:09 CDT 2007

Em Seg 14 Mai 2007, você escreveu:
> >>>>> "Marco" == Marco Aurélio Carvalho <maurelioc at astrotec.com.br> writes:
>     Marco> The program do not crash, but it does not write or read from the
>     Marco> serial port.  It presents an error message and continues but
> does Marco> not work. The program was compiled with Borland C builder (do
> not Marco> know the version).  I have the sorce code but not the
>     Marco> compiler. It was created by a friend many years ago to help me
>     Marco> test a electronic board.  I tried to use hyperterminal to test
>     Marco> the serial port access, but I could not setup it properly or it
>     Marco> does not work under wine.  I also tried to install an old
>     Marco> terminal program called PROCOMM but the SETUP program complains
>     Marco> that a SHELL.DLL was not found and aborts.  I am triyng to find
> a Marco> simple terminal that uses a serial port to test it.
> What error message? Can you show the code?

I will try to find more information on source program in the next weekend.
The program was written many years ago and I need to find the source files. 

Marco Aurélio

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