[Wine] Problem with colour print

Anderson Alcantara deca.rox at gmail.com
Tue May 15 21:17:44 CDT 2007

Hi everybody!

this is my first message in the list....

I have a Debian Linux with a laser printer installed (CUPS) works fine!

i'm try emulate a system in Wine, works fine too!

I have only a problem....if me send a document to my printer by Wine, it's
print black only :(

it's return in terminal a many messages:

"*fixme:psdrv*:*PSDRV_CreateColor* Colour is number of color in hexadecimal"
for example:
"*fixme:psdrv*:*PSDRV_CreateColor* Colour is number of color in FFFFFF"
"*fixme:psdrv*:*PSDRV_CreateColor* Colour is number of color in 000000"
"*fixme:psdrv*:*PSDRV_CreateColor* Colour is number of color in FF0000"

and return all colors of wine try printed...

it's print... BLACK Color only...

I'm looking for solution have many weeks, unsucefully :(

thanks for patience, All

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