[Wine] re: Question on release 0.9.37 and using MSI installs linux

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Fri May 18 19:54:56 CDT 2007

Tom wrote:
> ... Each client that wants to install our software goes
> to the website and downloads a msi install. To make the installer easier
> for pushing and to install we perform two operations on the msi's when
> we install the servers. We transform them to the language chosen. We
> also set ip addresses and other flags inside the msi database. To
> perform these functions we use vbscript and windows dlls.
> ...
> There is another catch, our linux server is severely locked down in that
>there is no console, or x-windows interface running. All operations are
>done via webserver which in turn can run command line calls.

Yes, potentially, Wine could handle this.  There probably
are a few rough spots in Wine, but we'll never know unless
you try it and file bug reports for any problems you hit.
Feel free to post here for advice as you run into obstacles, too.
- Dan

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