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Lee Eschen ashgrove at frontiernet.net
Sat May 19 18:02:23 CDT 2007

Declan Moriarty wrote:
> You're good on Google.
Actually, I used Clusty.
> That's the the yankee version of the old standard catechism which fell
> into disuse in the 70s in Ireland over here. By that time I had
> defected, and have been a J.W. for the last 30+ years.
I have been RC in the distant past, but the last 10-12 years have been 
SOF (Society of Friends, better known as Quakers).  I still have a lot 
of respect for the RC church, but also many differences.  JW is one that 
has never held much appeal for me, but I honor your choice.



Lee Eschen
Ashgrove Visual Arts
"First is the sheer joy of making things.  As the child delights
in his mud pie, so the adult enjoys building things, especially
things of his own design.  I think this delight must be an image
of God's delight in making things, a delight shown in the
distinctness and newness of each leaf and each snowflake."
         --Frederick P Brooks in "The Mythical Man-Month" (1975)

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