[Wine] Re: running .exe with space in path and getting a crash

Wladimir Mutel' mwg at mwg.dp.ua
Wed May 23 06:44:59 CDT 2007

>     I use wine 0.9.37 under Kubuntu 7.04.
>     I insert USB drive, it gets mounted as /media/something,
>     then I run an executable (installer) from the command line
>     with wine :
>     wine /media/something/some\ folder\setup.exe
>     And I immediately get the messagebox :
>     "Access violation at address 004097a6"
>     "write of address 00400000"

>     The only workaround was to copy the executable into my home
>     directory, and run it from there :
>     wine ~/setup.exe

	just to be sure, I did
	cd /media/something/some\ folder
	and then run wine setup.exe
	error is the same.

	This application is written in VB6,
	may be this could tell something.

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