[Wine] Re: forcing codepage for non-unicode apps

Wladimir Mutel' mwg at mwg.dp.ua
Wed May 23 06:54:25 CDT 2007

penna at bb.com.br wrote:

>         We are also having problema with brazilian charset and maybe the 
> bug 7571 [1] is also of interest of you ....
>         We are working on that and, of course, help is welcome ... ;-)

> [1] http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=7571

	Having the same problem with Cyrillic app written in VB6.
	It installs Unicode Tahoma font to show nice letters
	in ListViews, and thens show 8-bit text messages with this font.
	As a result, I see iso8859-15 (or cp1250/1252?) letters
	instead of cp1251. While at the other part of window,
	where usual 8-bit font is used, everything is show well.

	Did not manage to substitute any 8-bit font instead of Tahoma
	so far...

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