[Wine] VB6 app under WINE 0.9.37

Wladimir Mutel' mwg at mwg.dp.ua
Wed May 23 07:08:05 CDT 2007


	Having installed the following winetricks :
	native_mdac (not sure if this is needed
		if mdac28+jet40 already installed)

	I managed to start a VB6 application and try to work with it
	quite similar to native Windows.

	However, sometimes there happen problems which cause to restart
	the whole application. This app often hides its main menu
	on opening of some child window, then shows it back after
	the child is closed. Sometimes, after the menu is shown,
	it stops sending commands to the app. You can select menu items,
	submenus, but clicking on them does nothing to the app.

	Another example, icon background on some toolbuttons gets black,
	toolbuttons get unresponsive, and soon after that the app
	crashes. This happens probably due to using cc580, may be
	I should revert this.

	I would gladly snap a debugging trace from the app and apply it
	to the bugreport, only give me please an advise on what exactly
	to turn on/off. You see, +all is quite verbose...

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