[Wine] VB6 app under WINE 0.9.37

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Wed May 23 20:22:53 CDT 2007

Wladimir wrote:

> Having installed the following winetricks :
> vcrun6 dcom98 mdac28 jet40 cc580 native_mdac
> (not sure if native_mdac is needed if mdac28+jet40 already installed)

It is needed.  Sorry winetricks is confusing.

> I managed to start a VB6 application and try to work with it
> quite similar to native Windows.

That's nice...

> However, sometimes there happen problems which cause to restart
> the whole application. This app often hides its main menu
> on opening of some child window, then shows it back after
> the child is closed. Sometimes, after the menu is shown,
> it stops sending commands to the app. You can select menu items,
> submenus, but clicking on them does nothing to the app.
> Another example, icon background on some toolbuttons gets black,
> toolbuttons get unresponsive, and soon after that the app
> crashes. This happens probably due to using cc580, may be
> I should revert this.

Winetricks is intended mostly as a tool for developers
to quickly determine whether a particular bug can be
tracked down to a particular DLL (by seeing if the bug goes
away when the native version of the DLL is used).
So the Wine developers are a bit more interested in figuring out
how to get rid of the need for native dcom98 or native common controls
than in how to support native dcom98 plus all those other libraries.

That said, if the app is publically available, or if you
can provide a sample VB6 program that has the same problem,
we'd be happy to look at it.  At the very least, please provide
the app's home page, if one exists.

> I would gladly snap a debugging trace from the app and apply it
> to the bugreport, only give me please an advise on what exactly
> to turn on/off. You see, +all is quite verbose...

You can say that again.  Well, first off, see if you can get
by without cc580.  (And blow away ~/.wine first -- that's the
only way to get repeatable results.)  And see if you can reproduce
some of the problems without all those other native libraries, too.

If you can't simplify the problem down a bit, and we can't try the
app ourselves, it's going to be hard for me to help (though somebody
better might be able to).
- Dan

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