[Wine] How to set default font and the subsititution font?

Nigel Liang ncliang at gmail.com
Thu May 24 13:32:55 CDT 2007

> Then the second problem is How to set the
> substitution font of a font? If the encoding of a
> char is not in the range of the encoding of the
> font, then the substitution font is loaded. If I
> set "Tahoma" as the default font and simsun.ttf as
> the substitution font of "Tahoma", then wine can
> show acsii via "Tahoma" and chinese words via
> simsun.ttf

This can be done by adding the following entry in ~/.wine/system.reg
-- snip --
NT\\CurrentVersion\\FontLink\\SystemLink] 1150441842
-- snip --
This registry specifies that simsun should be used as a "fallback"
font for Tahoma in case the char is not present in Tahoma. Similarly,
you can also add font link for other fonts.


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