[Wine] fullscreen 3D leads to gnome panels rearranging

Florian Ludwig dino at phidev.org
Wed May 30 13:49:40 CDT 2007

> > > No, this is an issue with Gnome, not Wine.
> >
> > I dont know how fullscreen actually works but I wonder if this is realy
> > a gnome bug since (for me) all programms run fine in fullscreen and
> > doesnt mess up my panels. I dont know how a programm sets the
> > resolution,... but I guess the problem is that the common way whould be
> >
> > 1. get fullscreen
> > 2. set resolution
> >
> > but in this case its the other way around, so that the gnome windows /
> > panals are still active while changing the resolution so they rearrage
> > as they have to.
> >
> No, that's not right.
> > It may be a bug neither in wine nor in gnome though it shouldn't happen.
> >
> It's a bug in gnome.

As said I'm not realy sure about it but since it never happend to me
(with several programm and games in fullscreen though most not with
wine) I thought it's hardly a gnome bug. But at all it was just a guess
and your arguments sounds reasonable - i'm sorry for the noise.. o.O


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