[Wine] wine-0.9.48 and timezone?

Duane Clark fpga at pacbell.net
Thu Nov 1 12:53:21 CDT 2007

Rick Stanback wrote:
> First I would like to thank all the wine developers and testers,  it has 
> really come a long way.  I have been running Lotus notes 7 under wine 
> for quite a while now and just today I noticed that my calendar is off 
> by 1 hour.  It appears that under wine it is getting the timezone wrong 
> or adjusting on the old schedule?  When I ran the same version of notes 
> under windows (via vmware) it show the correct calendar times.  Just 
> wondering if anyone else is seeing this and if there is some registry 
> setting or something we can check?  I haven't tried reverting to an 
> older version of wine yet.

As best as I can tell, Wine determines the time by calling the 
Linux/Unix function localtime(), which as part of its return includes a 
flag indicating whether it is daylight savings time. What does the 
command "date" on your Linux command line show, and is it correct?

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