[Wine] Virtual window misbehavior

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Sat Nov 3 17:05:57 CDT 2007

> I'm running Gnome. Pkg "gnome-desktop-environment" is 1: I've just
> checked and all my updates are the latest. Since KDE and Gnome desktops
> behave differently, I'm not surprised you don't see my problem.
> I've been doing some experimenting since your reply. Your statement
> "Virtual desktop have fixed size." made my brain itch.
> desktop size isn't done by drop down menu with preset choices. I remembered
> setting an incorrect number once. Winecfg took it without complaint. (I
> corrected it, of course.)

	I'm not sure what do you mean by "incorrect number". Maybe you talk about too 
low resolution so you cannot easily change it using winecfg anymore?

> So I started playing with the numbers for real. I 
> wound up with: 1012x665 and the resultant window is exactly the size I
> need. It does open up 3-4 pixels too high, but THAT doesn't really matter.
> Diablo II LOD doesn't look or play any differently.

	*Application* can change size of virtual desktop. But *user* cannot change it 
because it is fixed. Fixed size is the standard property of any window, but 
it limits only the user not application itself.
	Theoretically it is possible to make it resizable by the user as any other 
typical window (that's similar to "Autofit Guest" feature in VMWare). This 
will solve problem with too small sizes of virtual desktop and some other 
problems. But as far as I know no one working on this currently.

> It does open up 3-4 pixels too high

	Sorry, but I cannot reproduce. I measured virtual desktop size with kruler 
and it is exactly of requested size. I tried different settings and it always 
worked as it should.

> It's such a useful feature, I'm surprised I couldn't find any documentation
> about it, unless I didn't understand what I did find.

	There is very little to document. You can change virtual desktop size by 
using winecfg or by editing registry files directly. You can enable virtual 
desktop for all applications in current WINE prefix or only for one 
application, for example:

wine explorer /desktop=My_desktop,800x600 program.exe

	If you  think that documentation is bad then you can help to improve it. 

	But what about your GNOME-related problem? Do you still have it? If yes, can 
you describe step-by-step how someone else can reproduce it? For example, I 
have GNOME installed but I'm not sure how to reproduce your problem in GNOME.

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