[Wine] USB to serial converters

Charles Morrison eplurib at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 11 19:51:01 CST 2007

Anyone have an idea as to how to automatically detect the USB number and 
create a sym link in the dosdevices directory.

The problem is that I have several USB devices not used at the same 
time, and when the USB to serial adapter is connected, a /dev/ttyUSB? is 
assigned. To use this assignment under WINE, I need to automatically 
detect /dev/ttyUSB? and then create a sym link in ~/.wine/dosdevices for 
the Windows program to use it. Of course, when the cable is 
disconnected, the symlink must also be removed.

An alternate way is to reserve the serial port to one device 
(/dev/ttyUSB0 for example) and then create a permanent symlink in the 
dosdevices directory. This means that other devices must not use this 

Any ideas are appreciated.

Charlie Morrison

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