[Wine] Debugging WINE?

Tom Servo me at tomservo.cc
Mon Nov 12 12:41:01 CST 2007


I'm trying to get EVE Online working under WINE in Solaris. Reading
various forums, it works fine with the last few versions in _Linux_,
however in Solaris it does not.

The game consists out of two executables. The first is a simple
splashscreen application that then starts the actual game executable.

The splashscreen app seems to work fine, the splashscreen shows and WINE
exits with code 0, but the actual main executable runs and immediately
exits. Trying to run the game executable directly, which works in Windows,
makes WINE exit with code 255, without giving any output to the console at
all. Having poked around a little with WineDbg, it seems like WINE doesn't
even reach the entry point of the executable.

So I assume there's an issue with WINE somewhere, since I can run other
applications. But assembly code doesn't help me.

I never really worked with gdb apart for creating stack backtraces, but
know that you can load symbols and resolve EIP addresses to actual lines
of code. What I'd need to know is how to create a debug build, so that I
can use that with gdb, to find out what's keeping a Solaris build from
properly loading the file.


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