[Wine] Debugging WINE?

Tom Servo me at tomservo.cc
Tue Nov 13 11:10:55 CST 2007

>> I'm trying to get EVE Online working under WINE in Solaris. Reading
>> various forums, it works fine with the last few versions in _Linux_,
>> however in Solaris it does not.
> Sorry, I don't play Eve or have Solaris so no help there, but the native
> Linux client for Eve went live last week, would you have better luck
> getting it to run than using WINE?

I think I'll be trying to figure out the issue for a few days first.

My session for today has finished (got annoyed). I think it might be sort
of a race condition, because when I set WINEDEBUG=all, which basically
slows the program execution because of printf flooding the terminal, I can
get the game to crash and invoke its crash handler showing a Windows
message box. I'll try to run it with CPU affinity to a single CPU

I hope to get further the following days. Right now I'm stuck somewhere in
__wine_kernel_init, something in there seems to cause the issues.

Naturally using the released Linux client (which uses Cedega, not native)
in a branded zone (Solaris "jail" posing as Linux kernel) may work, but
then I'd have to redirect X via TCP/IP. Not so optimal.


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