[Wine] AxCrypt - working, just

John Hunter jhunter at kitesabbey.org.uk
Fri Nov 16 10:41:30 CST 2007

I finally managed to get AxCrypt working consistently under Wine but I 
wondered if anyone out there could throw some light on the remaining 
problems, or suggest a workaround...

I copied the files from a windows installed copy, just the executable 
directory containing AxCrypt.dll & exe,AxCryptM.dll,AxDecrypt.exe, 
Config.xml, notify.exe,Program.ico and Sigs.xml, into a directory called 
AxCrypt in /home/myname/.wine/drive_c/Program Files.

If you put the file to be encrypted, eg 'TEST', in the same directory, 
open a Terminal Window, navigate to that directory:

cd '/home/myname/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/AxCrypt' (quotes needed 
because of the space)

and type in:

wine AxCrypt.exe -z TEST

...and it fires up as normal and encrypts the file.

Typing in:

wine AxDecrypt TEST.axx

...results in the Decrypt program firing up, but without recognising the 
'TEST.axx' and so you have to click on 'open' and open the file to be 
decrypted. The Decrypt button can now be accessed - up to this point the 
'Decrypt' button is grayed out as it hasn't identified a file to be 
decrypted - and the file decrypts ok.

I have not found any other way to get it working - you have to put the 
working file in the program directory. So:

a. Decrypt problem: I can't find a way to pass the filename to the 
Decrypt program / add it to an 'open with' context item
b. Encrypt problem: Can't work with a file outside the programme 
directory. It gives an error:

An error occurred when security wrapping TEST. Error in system call to 
Files/AxCrypt/TEST)], Path not found.

Note the Z:\home\myname\ added in front of the searchpath.

Does anyone have any ideas, it would be nice to run it from the menu, 
with the correct context and right mouse click.
If not, any ideas on producing a script to copy the file to the 
programme directory, run the encryption and move the encrypted file back?

But anyway, the encryption/decryption works ok under Wine

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