[Wine] Process Tree Question

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Fri Nov 16 11:52:37 CST 2007

On Friday November 16 2007 16:14, Brent Davidson wrote:
> If I have an application running under wine, and it, in turn, calls a
> system command, could it call that command in the Linux format, or would
> the command be spawned in "wine space" for lack of a better term?
> I'm trying to solve a printing problem where my application cannot
> correctly print TIF files under wine due to errors in the way the
> database framework it's built on builds the postscript spool file.  The
> solution I'm thinking of is to modify the app so that all print requests
> create a randomly-named postscript file in a temp directory then have
> the program call "lpr -r filename" on the file so that it will bypass
> wine to print the PDF.  I have verified that the PDF's built by the
> system print correctly under Linux.  Of course, if the program running
> under wine is can only run Win/DOS applications, then this solution
> won't work.  Might have to install Irfan View on the on the linux box
> and use that to print the PDF via wine.  Everything we try to do with
> this application is too d**n convoluted but it's a custom app and there
> is nothing on the market that even comes close to having all the special
> features we've had added over the last 3 years.

	If your application works fine under Windows, you have correct setup and 
fresh WINE version, everything should work for you. Of course sometimes it 
doesn't; in this case try to upgrade to newest WINE version (currently 
0.9.49) and run:

mv ~/.wine{,.backup}
wine setup.exe
cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/MyApp/
wine myapp.exe

	Where "setup.exe" is an installer of your program. If still doesn't work then 
this is a bug to be reported at http://bugs.winehq.org .
	Of course if your application isn't free and you cannot (or don't want to) 
make it downloadable it may be somewhat more difficult to fix the bug (but 
possible if you create useful bug report with detailed information about your 
	As far as I understand you have access to the source code? Is this correct? 
If so it should be very easy to create almost "empty" Windows application 
with just one function: printing of test TIF file that works on Windows but 
doesn't work on WINE yet. And then attach source code and executable of this 
simple test app to your bug report. This should help to fix the bug faster.

	Thank you for using WINE.

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