[Wine] Can't get OpenGL to work

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Sat Nov 17 18:23:41 CST 2007

On Saturday November 17 2007 10:04, Markus Hitter wrote:
> oZone is completely quiet at the command line, a dialog pops up "Your
> graphic hardware does not support OpenGL 2.0 Startup failed.".

	I tried oZone3D benchmark and it works perfectly for me with current WINE.

> heb at rutan:~/.wine/drive_c$  
wine /home/heb/.wine/drive_c/Programme/oZone/oZone3D_SoftShadows_Benchmark.exe

	You must first cd to the directory with the executable. Otherwise 
oZone3D_SoftShadows_Benchmark.exe (and many other Windows programs) will fail 
to work properly. For example try this:

cd /home/heb/.wine/drive_c/Programme/oZone/
wine oZone3D_SoftShadows_Benchmark.exe

	If above doesn't help, then your video card or its driver doesn't support all 
necessary features to run your 3D apps (for example, if it doesn't support 
OpenGL 2.0 oZone3D will not work). If this is the case I suggest to upgrade 
your video card.
	Personally, I never tried non-NVidia videocards therefore I can test only on 
NVidia hardware. And this is what I recommend to buy and use. I know very 
little about non-NVidia hardware.

	Thank you for using WINE.

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