[Wine] Can't get OpenGL to work

Markus Hitter mah at jump-ing.de
Sun Nov 18 04:39:24 CST 2007

Am 18.11.2007 um 03:19 schrieb L. Rahyen:

> ATI has buggy drivers, and Intel video drivers are even worse as  
> far as I know.

I bought Intel because many people consider Intel's open source  
efforts to be the currently most advanced.

>> Well, in Windows native and emulators like VirtualPC (on PPC) Catia
>> works just fine. Didn't test qemu or VMware so far.
> Please note that all virtual machines including VMWare do not  
> support hardware OpenGL rendering. So if your program works there  
> then it uses software OpenGL rendering instead.

So it's a matter of getting rid of OpenGL?

> I suggest to report a bug about this problem at http:// 
> bugs.winehq.org . But before reporting a bug I recommend you to try  
> Catia with NVidia hardware and driver if possible.

Sorry, I fail to see how insisting on specific hardware solves a  
problem. AFAIK, Wine is meant to emulate Windows and any difference  
in application behaviour between Windows and Wine is a bug.

> Sorry that I cannot give you more advises; as I already said, I  
> know very
> little about non-NVidia videocards.

Obviously, it's a problem of how Wine tells applications which  
hardware is available. Not being a Windows developer I have no idea  
at which part of the API to look.

Anyways, I've put an entry into AppDB (currently to be reviewed) and  
filed a bug <http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10490> to track  
the issue.


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