[Wine] Can't get OpenGL to work

Ove Kaaven ovek at arcticnet.no
Sun Nov 18 05:27:13 CST 2007

Markus Hitter skrev:
> Am 18.11.2007 um 03:19 schrieb L. Rahyen:
>> ATI has buggy drivers, and Intel video drivers are even worse as  
>> far as I know.
> I bought Intel because many people consider Intel's open source  
> efforts to be the currently most advanced.

Sure, perhaps they're doing fairly well as far as open source drivers 
go. But none of the open source drivers can even compare to the 
full-featured proprietary drivers of Nvidia or ATI. None of the open 
source drivers support GLX 1.3 features, nor do most support OpenGL 2.0 
features (and I take it your applications want them). You could use 
glxinfo to see what your drivers do support.

>> I suggest to report a bug about this problem at http:// 
>> bugs.winehq.org . But before reporting a bug I recommend you to try  
>> Catia with NVidia hardware and driver if possible.
> Sorry, I fail to see how insisting on specific hardware solves a  
> problem.

Linux users have always depended on hardware with working drivers to get 
the software features they want. Only NVidia supply Linux drivers that 
provides all the features of their Windows counterpart. ATI are also 
pretty close. The open source drivers? They still haven't implemented 
features that have been standard under Windows for a decade. You don't 
think that could be a problem?

> AFAIK, Wine is meant to emulate Windows and any difference  
> in application behaviour between Windows and Wine is a bug.

Under Windows, OpenGL applications talks to the OpenGL driver, and gets 
the features provided by the driver. Under Wine, pretty much the same 
thing happens. The difference is that because you're not using Nvidia, 
you're stuck with crappy drivers. You may call it a "bug", but it's not 
in Wine.

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