[Wine] Wine AppDB etiquette ?

Gernot Hassenpflug gernot at nict.go.jp
Tue Nov 20 02:39:59 CST 2007

"L. Rahyen" <research at science.su> writes:

> On Saturday November 17 2007 18:58, Renaud (Ron) OLGIATI wrote:
>> Dont know if iys the done thing, but I contacted the writer of an app I
>> maintain in AppDB, to point out that his app runs perfectly under Linux and
>> Wine.
>> Straught away he modified his webpage to include the fact, and a link to
>> the AppDB page  for his application.
> 	Just out of curiosity what program is this?
> 	I know some other Windows programs with official website where user can find 
> information about possibility of running them in Linux using WINE and this is 
> officially supported. For example, on main pages of NeatVideo and NeatImage 
> (http://www.neatimage.com/ and http://www.neatvideo.com/ ) you can find 
> label "Runs in Wine in Linux".
> 	Personally I think that it is great when developers of Windows software 
> understands that WINE might be very useful to support both Linux and Windows 
> easily without rewriting software.

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