[Wine] Big files; Slow I/O

Jean-Michel Bruenn jean.bruenn at ip-minds.de
Wed Nov 21 11:29:32 CST 2007

> 	Are you sure that file size is the real cause of the slow
> speed? Maybe it is just slow I/O and not size-related, maybe
> something else, etc.

Yep really. Other people reported the same, hdparm -tT shows btw:

 Timing cached reads:   388 MB in  2.01 seconds = 192.64 MB/sec
 Timing buffered disk reads:  212 MB in  3.00 seconds =  70.60 MB/sec

So the harddisc isn't slow (udma 133), it's a 2ghz box. And as
explained, i tried changing the filesystem, too. Also i tested it in
windows XP with the same Box - There it's fast.
Any other things i should test?

> 	Fix yourself (use profiling to find the cause of slowness) or
> report a bug at http://bugs.winehq.org if you cannot. Reporting a bug
> is recommended approach for most users.

Yep. I asked here because i thought maybe someone is working on that
(as i said seems like many ppl having that problem) 

> 	Before reporting a bug make sure to check behavior of the
> game in Windows. If in Windows behavior is the same - this isn't bug
> in WINE but bug in the game.

Nope, in Windows fast, and there's a bug report for it. I try to fix it
myself. Hoped that someone has a unoffical patch or something like that.

ty for your answer.

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