[Wine] Big files; Slow I/O

Jean-Michel Bruenn jean.bruenn at ip-minds.de
Wed Nov 21 13:57:31 CST 2007


thanks again for your answer, especially for helping me. i will have a
look at profiling, as i never used profiling for anything i hope that
won't be as difficult as i think.

I collected some other informations, i would be glad if you would have
a look on that, too. Attached you'll find a .TXT containing some
informations i found out by debugging wine and using grep

> 	First, *do not run WINE as root*! This is strongly
> discouraged practice. Run it under your usual user account.

I know. I used root only because i was testing something else, where
hardware access was required and i had problems with permissions.
> 	What about debugging. Because you want to find out what
> functions in WINE are slow, it is bad idea to just use debugging
> channels and try to find them manually. Most likely you just waste a
> lot of time and find nothing. What you want to do is to profile WINE
> not to debug it (in fact there is no bugs to debug in this case but
> some inefficiencies in the code).

I thought - Maybe (if i'm lucky) i'll find some interesting things or
things i could fix, so that i could provide help for others. (Like
missing DLLs, other fixable errors, fixme's that i could fix, etc). The
only thing i wouldn't touch is DirectX ;-)

> Therefore proper approach is to use
> profiling tools to find out what functions are slow in WINE. Read [1]
> for a brief introduction. Read [2] to find out how to use callgrind
> tool for profiling (see page 39, "Callgrind: a call graph profiler");
> there is some other useful information in this document. You may want
> to install kcachegrind and read its help files - this is useful
> visual tool, you can use it with callgrind and OProfile. I really
> recommend you to read its help - it's short but helpful. Use Google
> to find more information.

Thanks again, if i find out something useful, i'll annoy this list
again ;-)

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