[Wine] Big files; Slow I/O

Jean-Michel Bruenn jean.bruenn at ip-minds.de
Wed Nov 21 15:56:52 CST 2007

> Have you attempted to find out where the files are being written?
> There is a decent chance that the file writing is done in msvcrt. You
> might want to run with just the msvcrt debug channel turned on, and
> see if that is being used.
> Then, you might try installing a native version of msvcrt, and
> perhaps the variations of them (msvcrt20, etc). Almost any Windows
> version should work okay. Override those DLLs in winecfg; it should
> be safe to override them globally for all applications.
> Does this speed up the file writing? (I think it probably will).
> Then, since you apparently are willing to take a try at C coding,
> take a look at wine/dlls/msvcrt/file.c. Probably the program is doing
> lots of small writes, and Wine is not handling it in an efficient
> manner.


thanks for your answer, i try that. But i think it's not related to
"writing" it's related to "reading" because the filesize of that file
doesn't change (it changes only if there are updates), and i don't
think that it's writing to the file while playing. 

Anyway i'll try that. ty.


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