[Wine] Big files; Slow I/O

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Thu Nov 22 14:50:05 CST 2007

On Wednesday November 21 2007 19:57, Jean-Michel Bruenn wrote:
> Hello,
> thanks again for your answer, especially for helping me. i will have a
> look at profiling, as i never used profiling for anything i hope that
> won't be as difficult as i think.

	It is very easy (well, not always: sometimes it may be hard). Use docs I gave 
you as starting point and then Google to find out more. I recommend you to 
learn more about kcachegrind, Valgrind/Callgrind (it's very slow) and 
OProfile (fast).

> I collected some other informations, i would be glad if you would have
> a look on that, too. Attached you'll find a .TXT containing some
> informations i found out by debugging wine and using grep

	First thing you need to understand that fixmes (or warns) aren't bugs. They 
are just reminders for developers. Bug is mismatch in behavior between WINE 
and Windows in real-world application.

> I looked which DLL(s) are searched by wine, when running the
> game. I got the following not existent DLLs (They are not
> existing in my system).
> Graphics.dll
> PathEngine.dll
> But i haven't found out for what these DLLs are. (yeah, 
> i searched for graphics, pathengine, GRAPHICS and PATHENGINE,
> too.)

	When WINE cannot load important DLL it will display this as error in the 
console. If there is no such DLLs, no errors and no bugs that means that 
application have some redundant code. This isn't useful unless you are the 
developer of that application.

> I thought - Maybe (if i'm lucky) i'll find some interesting things or
> things i could fix, so that i could provide help for others. (Like
> missing DLLs, other fixable errors, fixme's that i could fix, etc). The
> only thing i wouldn't touch is DirectX ;-)

	Usually if DLL is missed it is up to installer or user to install it. 
Sometimes new DLLs are added in WINE. But implementing DLL from scratch isn't 
a task for beginers.
	Fixmes as I have said above aren't bugs by themselves so there is nothing to 
fix unless you find (or create) Windows application that doesn't work 
correctly because of partial or stubbed implementation - then fixing 
corresponding fixme is useful and this is actually they are for, to remind 
that something isn't fully implemented.
	If you want to help WINE Project by fixing something and don't know where to 
start - go to http://bugs.winehq.org and read some bug reports: some bugs are 
easy to fix even with basic or moderate programming experience (if you have 
enough free time of course).
	If you want to fix particular problem, or at least find a cause of it, try to 
concentrate on this task only. Solving problems one-by-one is faster than 
trying to find and fix a lot of problems simultaneously.
	Please note that even if you cannot fix a problem but can find a cause of it 
in the code this is *very* useful information for corresponding bug report 
and may greatly help to WINE developers.

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