[Wine] Big files; Slow I/O

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Fri Nov 23 18:46:05 CST 2007

On Thursday November 22 2007 22:13, Jean-Michel Bruenn wrote:
> Hello again,
> i checked again, with Top, it's showing sometimes a WAIT between 20 and
> 60 percent while playing.
> Attached you'll find the results of oprofile:
> 	gw_wine-preloader.log
> 	gw_wineserver.log
> 	gw_wine.log

	Most important results are from application itself (*.exe process) and its 
threads not from wine/wineserver.

	BTW, you incorrectly compiled WINE. From your gw_wine-preloader.log:

5205      0.1676  winex11.drv.so           (no symbols)
4762      0.1533  winealsa.drv.so          (no symbols)

	That means you have no debugging symbols! Make sure to recompile WINE 
with "-g" option.

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