[Wine] 3D accelleration and Intel 940/945GM/GMS/GML

JusTiCe8 justice8 at orange.fr
Sat Nov 24 04:52:07 CST 2007

Dean Hamstead wrote:
> intel cards arent particularly powerful, they may lack extensions that
> some software needs - in that case there is nothing wine can do
> about it.
> Dean
(To be more precise, it's a 945GM chipset)

Perhaps they're not  as efficient as nvidia/ati gfx cards but  the 945GM 
shows acceptable performances on windows (people reports running 3D 
games like HL2/Halo/...) and I guess with 256 MB gfx ram, it's not to 
store thousands of 2D bitmap or use plenty of Xorg server simultaneously.
No good answers shown in freedesktop ml archice since about 1/2 years 
nor in user's forums...
So I agree wine is not responsible, just ask if someone anywhere succeed 
to use 3D hardware on Linux.


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