[Wine] Ruckus on Linux

Douglas A. Whitfield whitdoug at email.unc.edu
Sun Nov 25 19:29:25 CST 2007

Hello Wine Users!

There's a dead thread (well, dead as far as ideas) on getting Ruckus
to run under WINE over at ubuntuforums:
http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=438396.  Basically, it
doesn't seem that anyone that's looked at the thread knows how to get
the dll's Ruckus needs into WINE.  I'm happy to test as I have a
Ruckus account.  I think anyone with a *.edu can sign up, but I also
think it's limited to *.edu.

All help is greatly appreciated!

Douglas A. Whitfield

Co-Founder Carolina Open Source Initiative

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