[Wine] How to instruct Wine to use MSIE rendering engine by default instead of Gecko?

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Tue Nov 27 23:46:43 CST 2007

On Wednesday November 28 2007 05:05, Dimitry Golubovsky wrote:
> Hi,
> I need to debug some complex Javascript that leaks in MSIE (no leaks
> in Firefox though). For this purpose, I am trying to utilize programs
> like Drip and sIEve. Both programs fail under Wine, and my guess is,
> they try to use Gecko as the rendering engine (and this is not what's
> desired: Gecko works fine with my stuff).
> Now, provided that MSIE can be installed under Wine, and works, can
> its rendering engine substitute Gecko?
> PS Both programs fail with this message in stderr (numbers may be
> different, but error message is the same):
> fixme:mshtml:HTMLDocument_QueryInterface
> (0x13fc48)->({d30c1661-cdaf-11d0-8a3e-00c04fc9e26e}  0x33f648)
> interface not supported
> followed by page fault, etc.

	You need to override iexplore.exe to native (you either can edit the registry 
or use winecfg) and you probably want to override some other libraries too 
(for example you can copy native mshtml.dll to WINE's 
drive_c/windows/system32 directory and set it to native in winecfg). If you 
unsure what libraries you need to override read 
http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_Install_Internet_Explorer_6_SP1#Set_up_overrides .
	Alternatively you can try ies4linux but please not that it's unsupported here 
(by WINE team) and is just a workaround with a lot of bugs and technical 
	You also may find useful information obtained from +loaddll debug channel. 
For example:

WINEDEBUG=-all,+loaddll wine program.exe

	By definition, overriding of DLLs not shown in +loaddll channel will have no 
effect on the program.

	No matter what approach you choose I recommend you to experiment in separate 
WINE prefix. For example:

export WINEPREFIX=~/.wine-ie

	Then adjust settings in winecfg as necessary. If you will use ies4linux then 
be aware that it will use separate WINE prefix by default (~/.ies4linux/ie6).

	Thank you for using WINE.

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