[Wine] How to instruct Wine to use MSIE rendering engine by default instead of Gecko?

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Wed Nov 28 15:41:51 CST 2007

On Wednesday November 28 2007 14:01, Dimitry Golubovsky wrote:
> OK, makes sense. I'll try this. Thanks.
> On 11/28/07, L. Rahyen <research at science.su> wrote:
> >        You need to override iexplore.exe to native (you either can edit
> > the registry or use winecfg) and you probably want to override some other
> > libraries too
> [skip]

	Don't forget to answer to the list so others can see the discussion.

> Just to clarify: ie4linux and ies4linux, are they the same thing?
> Googling for "+ie4linux" gives the same tatanka.com.br site.

	Yes. Actually "ie4linux" contains a typo. Correct name is "ies4linux".

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