[Wine] WOW won't start

tparker tparker at etherstorm.net
Wed Nov 28 23:23:02 CST 2007

Jim Hall wrote:
>But WOW only starts to 
> the screen that comes up after clicking on the enter realm button. As 
> the progress bar goes to the right hand end the sound (music) goes crazy 
> and that graphic is as far as I get. 

I don't have an install of your linux distro to test but some very basic 
things that may be worth checking:

-start the game using WoW.exe, not the 'launcher.exe' that Blizzard 
prefers, some systems have trouble with the launcher.

-try adding the opengl tag when you start, some systems will have 
trouble without it specified, for example to start my game is :
wine "C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe" -opengl

-if your wine config settings for the version of Windows say Windows XP 
try changing it Windows 98. If this works to play the game you may need 
to temporarily change it back to 'XP' on patch days long enough for new 
patches to apply then go back to '98' for game play.

-if your wine config is set to OSS sound try switching to Alsa, or if 
it's Alsa try OSS. Even if your system isn't set up for the other sound 
try changing it and see if the game itself runs, then you can get the 
sound working afterward if so. I have no idea why, but some people will 
have sound issues that cause the game to hang on loading screens.


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