[Wine] remove old wine before updating?

JusTiCe8 justice8 at wanadoo.fr
Wed Oct 3 02:40:09 CDT 2007


packaging system are made to make user's life easier ;) so just remove 
all wine packages first if you wish by doing, for example:

COLUMNS=150 dpkg -l '*wine*' | grep ii

this will give you list of installed packages

then, for all these packages:

apt-get remove <package>

or aptitude remove <package>

or whatever you like to remove a package.
(any GUI could also be use like aptitude curses UI, synaptic, ... please 
refer to theirs respective doc for instructions)

Then you could install new wine package from GIT repository or anything.

Another way is to upgrade packages, just change some lines in 
sources.list file then doing update and upgrade. See 
apt-get/aptitude/... docs.

Please note than both own compiled sources packages and binary packaged 
ones could be installed at the same time (just run tje first from it's 
own source dir)


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