[Wine] World of Warcraft - ATi 8.41.7

Daniel Burke burkey at burkeez.com
Thu Oct 4 19:04:17 CDT 2007

Hi, I was playing around on my laptop last night and installed the
8.41.7drivers from ATi, my laptop has an X1400 in it, not the HD2400
that the
drivers were designed for so I understand some things may not function
correctly and will cover the observations:

1. Pixels shaders+Vertex shaders - I have to disable these or I get missing
elements from the screen, once tunred off it all renders ok

2. CPU overload - This is the main thing i am asking about here, because the
game seems to render fast but it will render say half a second then hiccup
and continue like this, one core of my CPU is at 100% with the other near

Has anyone seen this kind of behaviour?  I feel that if I can get the CPU to
calm down or find out why it is peaking that the game would actually run
ok.  Later this month I am expecting AMD to release the proper driver for my
card but the thing that has me is that this odd "CPU overload" only started
happening on the 8.41.7 drivers.  Before that WoW ran ok, FPS was too low to
really play properly but it ran.

hoping some other WoWers can comment.


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